Poclain Motors

Poclain Motors

Poclain repair, replacement and service.

Tri-State Hydraulics has extensive experience with Poclain Motors and has been repairing and replacing their products for many years. Poclain Hydraulics specializes in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic motors. The Poclain Hydraulic product range includes high performance motors and pumps.

Tri-State Hydraulics carries a large inventory of Poclain products onsite and are ready to ship immediately. Tri-State will fully test and set to OEM specifications including our proven check system before shipping the product. We offer a wide range of service including comprehensive reconditioning service, full part replacement, expert support and our own test facility. Contact us today for additional information at (847.439.8987) and we’ll quickly diagnose and repair your Poclain.

We service and replace several hydraulic motors and pumps by Poclain including:

Piston Motors