Danfoss Sundstrand Pumps and Motors

Danfoss Sundstrand Pumps and Motors

Sundstrand repair, replacement and service.

Tri-State Hydraulics has been repairing and replacing Sundstrand pumps & motors for over 45 years. Sundstrand pumps are now manufactured by Sauer-Danfoss Corporation or Danfoss Power Solutions. When it comes to the Sundstrand brand, Tri-State Hydraulics has a wealth of knowledge and experience that makes servicing, repair, and replacement quick and easy.

Tri-State Hydraulics maintains a massive inventory of Sundstrand products onsite and can ship immediately upon purchase. Tri-State also performs extensive tests and sets their products to exact OEM specifications and in-depth check system before shipping the product. Additionally, we offer full servicing that includes a complete reconditioning service, full part replacement, expert support and a test facility. Contact us today for additional information at (847.439.8987) and we’ll quickly diagnose and repair your Sundstrand pumps & motors.

We service and replace hydraulic motors and pumps by Sundstrand pumps & motors including:

Piston Pumps

Piston Motors

Orbital Motors

Aluminum Gear Pumps & Motors